FONDATA is a journal. The idea was conceived around kitchen tables, born from the absence of all the other tables around which the world usually meets. As national lockdowns were imposed, there was a sense that the end of long, thoughtful, funny and serious conversations was dangerously close. To recover, a specific type of self-liberation was needed: the freedom of the essayist and the freedom of adjacency. The type of freedoms collectively explored around tables that were sadly empty, no longer places of crumbs on linen or, as restaurateur Danny Meyer might say, connecting the dots. FONDATA is an attempt to address this communal sense of loss, and as the world emerges from the enforced isolation, it is a celebration. It is also a collective: the best minds brought together to tackle the subjects that captivate, so arresting in their absence – experience, space, people and family. It became a journey into the sound of the things that matter to the soul of the collector, the reasons things exist, the FONDATA.
Patrick O'Connor